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Term paper outline template

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Any research project has a clear structure. The correct structure of the term paper is made strictly according to the methodological manuals provided by the university.

Term paper outline template has the following clear system:

  • title page;
  • indication of content (summary);
  • introduction;
  • chapter 1;
  • chapter 2;
  • subsequent chapters;
  • final part;
  • bibliographic apparatus.

If the term paper is made strictly according to the requirements, then its protection is guaranteed to be successful. Therefore, it is very important to use the methodological developments that teachers of the department have. Take a look at term paper outline template.

Title page

The project should be structured directly from the title page. Its design implies the correct indication of not only the topic of work, but also:

  • name of the educational institution;
  • information about the author of the project and its curator.

Content (summary)

This block of work also needs to be structured correctly. The content is a kind of plan, after reading which you can immediately find the necessary part of the certification work. This is a plan of the sections of a scientific project, each of which must be disclosed as deeply as possible.


Under this part of the term paper, as a rule, is given no more than 2 pages. In this case, the student will need to consistently specify:

  • relevance of the chosen topic;
  • the main objectives of the project;
  • objectives of work on a specific topic;
  • used research methods.

Chapters (substantive part)

As a rule, the structure of the term paper is represented by the main three chapters. For a term  paper, this is considered sufficient. The first chapter is a theory in its purest form. As for the second and third chapters, they are of a practical nature.



When done all these activities, you can proceed to writing a conclusion. Term paper requires a mandatory sum up. The findings should not be “cut off” from the project. This information section must be presented in the format of its own conclusions.


The bibliographic apparatus deserves special attention. That is the correct name for the list of used literature. This unit is an integral part of the term paper. It is always indicated at the end.