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Essay structure

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Although the essay is considered a free creative genre, there are still certain requirements for writing it. Otherwise, how else can one understand that this is an essay, a sketch, or a pamphlet? This genre has a number of characteristic differences that are expressed in the style of writing, the presence of certain details, the position of the author and other nuances.

The essay is not quite a standard structure. It should not contain a table of contents, a list of references and, at times, even a title page. This is a free genre, which can be expressed by the author as he wants. The only condition that determines the essay structure is logic. Everything should be built according to the laws of logic. The scheme of writing an essay practically does not change regardless of its size and is maintained even in a mini essay. Despite the fact that the essay has a free form, its structural features are present. First of all, they are due to the requirements of this genre:

  • All thoughts of the author should be stated thesis.
  • Each thesis must be supported by arguments.

Arguments in this case are concrete well-known facts, events, phenomena, objects, scientifically proven facts, and the like. The phrase of the author cannot be considered an argument: “My grandmother told me about it.”

The average essay structure usually has a small size, starts with a problem, then goes a few (usually three) abstracts and 2-3 arguments to these abstracts. It ends with a common conclusion.

Many students make the same typical mistake. Thinking that the essay has a free composition, they believe that it also does not have any particular structure. This is not entirely true. Yes, to express thoughts in this work can really be quite free, but there is a certain order of their presentation. And the most important rule – the statement should be presented in the form of theses. In addition, after each thesis should go his argument. There are also other requirements for the structure:

  • At the beginning of the essay, an introduction is written that sets out the main point, the topic put to the discussion, puts emphasis on the problem
  • Next are the theses in order, along with the arguments, with each thesis must be arranged in a separate paragraph
  • The structure should be logical – there should be an inner semantic unity between paragraphs
  • At the end of the essay structure is written a conclusion summarizing the opinion of the author in accordance with the above.